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December 5, 2017


04 December 2017

Yesterday in the restaurant "Near Moscow Vechera" was held The Seventh Annual Christmas Charity Evening "ACTION! 2017 ". As part of this event, we helped children and adults in need of urgent assistance from the funds "Creation", "Sunflower", "Touch", "Anton is here next," "Give life, Downside Up, Film School" Without borders "," Artist "," Women's Health "," Life as a miracle "," BELA Children-Butterflies "," COL (the center of curative pedagogy) "," The Konstantin Khabensky Foundation "raising funds for their treatment and postoperative support.

Since 2011 our charity evening has a cinematic theme. The main Russian filmmakers make short films on a free topic. During the event, these films are shown on the big screen and are donated for a fee. The lot winners become the sole owners of these unique films. All the proceeds are fully spent for treatment and assistance. And the new rights holders can use the films at their own discretion – to put the film on the film festival, put it on the Internet, give it to TV, or "hide it on the shelf."

Religious directors and actors of the country took part in ACTION! 2017 : Timur
Bekmambetov, Revaz Gigineishvili, Alexander Gordon, Grigory Dobrygin, Renata Litvinova, Vitaly Mansky, Anna Melikyan, Angelina Nikonova Alexei Popogrebsky, Dmitry Roshchin, Petr Fedorov, Nikolai Khomeriki, Boris Khlebnikov, Vladimir Khotinenko, Denis Simachev
and Alexander Tsypkin .

This year, among the directors, a draw was made for the sequence of the paintings. Here we checked the luck of the main heroes of the gala evening! Konstantin Bogomolov having called first to draw lots, got number 16 (in total there were 19 pictures), but having decided to rehabilitate, got another number to Timur Bekmambetov … I did not disappoint the success of got number 2, and as Ksenia noticed: "now it is clear why he is in Hollywood" . Denis Simachev got number 7 – do not believe it, but this is his favorite number, as it turned out, love is mutual … Since the director of documentary Vitaly Mansky delayed, Ksenia Sobchak decided to try his luck for him. And who would have thought – number 1 … Igor Vernik could not contain his witty remark: "This is a sign, Ksyusha!"

The most expensive painting of the evening ACTION! 2017 was the joint work Ksenia Rappaport and Alexander Tsypkin "Goodbye , favorite! " – 10.5 million rubles. The story of how the woman coped with the adultery of her husband, did not leave anyone indifferent … Confirmation to that – the highest rate.

According to preliminary application to the accounts of charitable funds, about 50 million rubles will be received.

The event was held with the support of the Mondoro wine house. Throughout the year, the brand actively supported charity projects. Participation in "ACTION 2017!" was a beautiful end to a fruitful year.

Another partner was the investment and construction corporation BARKLI, founded in 1993. Main types of activity: investment and construction, development and project management. Since its inception, the corporation has built and commissioned more than 300 properties, primarily elite residential buildings that have become landmarks in their segment.

The company "Walt Disney Company CIS" traditionally prepared a children's party for little guests and pampered with Christmas presents.

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Yevgenia Popova

Ksenia Sobchak

Ingeborg Dapkunaite

Elizaveta Boyarska

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Sofiko Shevardnadze

Polina Kitsenko

Alexandra the Child

Svetlana Ustinova

Nadezhda Obolentseva

Xenia Chilingarova

Oksana Lavrentieva

Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan

Alena Akhmadullina

Timur Bekmambetov with his wife

Dina Khabirova and Natalia Dubovitskaya

Denis Simachev

Kira Sakarello and Vasily Tsereteli

Masha Fedorova with her daughter Veronika

Alika Smekhova

Tata Bondarchuk

Catherine Spitz

Ksenia Solovyova

Aglaya Tarasova

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